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Thumbs Up,   Thumbs Down Awards

downThumbs down to the MO House for passing "personhood amendment" bill that would recognize a right to life of “unborn children at every stage of development.” The bill needs a second House vote before moving to the Senate.

up Thumbs up to the MO House for passing a bill to increase women's access to birth control by allowing pharmacists to prescribe oral contraceptives.  The bill moves to the Senate.

up Thumbs up to the MO Legislature for increasing funds in the state's 2017 budget for Parents as Teachers, child care subsidies to improve programs serving low-income children, trauma treatment for kids who are victims of abuse and new funds for state diaper banks.

upThumbs up to the St. Louis Public School system for banning out-of-school suspensions for students in prekindergarten through 2nd grade


upThumbs up to Governor Nixon for signing executive order removing application questions about criminal history for most state jobs.


down Thumbs down to a MO House committee for approving a measure March 31 to allow concealed weapons on college campuses.

up Thumbs up to the Missouri House for passing a bill requiring school districts to have and annually review anti-bullying policies.  The bill moves to the Senate.

up Thumbs up to Senator Claire McCaskill for introducing a bipartisan resolution which passed the US Senate March 18 that authorizes contempt proceedings against Backpage--a website that has admitted sex trafficking of children occurs on its site.

down Thumbs down to the Missouri House for passing a bill that would require two-parent notification before a minor receives an abortion.




Up Next


May 12, 2016

Booking It to Flance - Annual Meeting

To celebrate the successes of our year we will hold our meeting at the Flance Early Learning Center.   Flance is a state of the art learning center in downtown St. Louis that offers children and families a broad range of services and resources that experts agree are critical to promoting child development.

Between 5:30 and 6:30 we will have food and drink and have tours of the center.       At 6:30 we will hold our annual business meeting to elect our new officers and board members and approve our budget for 2016-2017

At 7:00 Steve Zwolak, Executive Director, University City Children’s Center and Chief Executive Officer, LUME Institute, will tell us about the importance of early education – how it affects school drop-out rates and the school-to-prison pipeline and how the Flance approach meets the needs of our communities.

for more and for directions click here

Community Programs:

Break the Pipeline:  Teach in for Change

Saturday, May 14 9:30 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.

Northwest Academy High School 5140 Riverview Blvd.

Read more

Early Childhood Education Panel

Thursday, May 19  11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

National Council of Jewish Women

295 N. Lindbergh Blvd

Free.  RSVP 314-993-5181

Steve Zwolak (LUME Institute and University City Children’s Center); L. Carol Scott, Ph.D.  Senator Jill Schupp will discuss Nathan’s Law legislation and Linda Rallo will discuss the Raise Your Hands for Kids cigarette tax initiative benefiting Early Childhood Education.









The Latest

YMCA family event - O'Fallon Park Recreation Center

April 30 -   Women's Voices distributed gun locks - click here

Tell Your Senator "NO" on Dangerous Gun Bills

The MO Senate could vote on two gun bills before the session ends May 13.  Contact your senator to oppose these dangerous bills.  Read more

Bill Would Raise $358 Million

Passage of a "streamlined bill would generate millions for critical state services.  Click here.

SJR 39 Discrimination Bill Defeated!

The House Emerging Issues Committee voted down SJR 39 on a tie vote April 27.  Click here

MO Rejects $8.3 Million for Women's Health Services

The MO Legislature's 2017 state budget does not include federal Medicaid funding to provide basic services for women.  Click here to find out why.

Take Action: Insurance Rate Review

Bipartisan legislation, moving to the House in SB 865 and SB 866, will give Missouri's Department of Insurance the authority to review health insurance premium rates and protect consumers from high premiums.  Click here to urge a yes vote.

Take Action: Earned Income Tax Credit

The MO House and Senate may vote in the remaining weeks of the session on a state EITC  that would benefit 1.3 million low-income Missourians.  Click here to urge them to vote yes.

MO's New Budget: A Mixed Bag

The MO legislature has sent Governor Nixon the 2016-17 budget.  Click here for highlights 

Women's Voices members talk about impact of poverty in St. Louis

click here for Channel 11 "Pulse of St. Louis" show

 Support Juvenile Justice Bills

Two bills that would help kids in the juvenile justice system are headed for a Senate vote.  Click here to support them.