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Thumbs Up,   Thumbs Down Awards

up Thumbs up to the U. S. Supreme Court for ruling that guns can be taken from abusers. The Court voted 6-2 to uphold a federal law that denies guns to those who commit violence against family members.

up Thumbs up for a ruling by US District Judge Nannete Laughrey in favor of a Columbia, MO Planned Parenthood clinic after the state tried to revoke its abortion license. The ruling on May 11 stated that the Department of Health and Senior Services likely bowed to political pressure and unfairly revoked the clinic’s license.

up Thumbs up to Google for banning payday loan ads, saying they are "deceptive or harmful financial products" because they "can result in unaffordable payment and high default rates for users."

down Thumbs down to the MO Legislature which over-rode the Governor's veto on capping school funding.

downThumbs down to the MO House for passing "personhood amendment" bill that would recognize a right to life of “unborn children at every stage of development.” The bill needs a second House vote before moving to the Senate.

up Thumbs up to the MO House for passing a bill to increase women's access to birth control by allowing pharmacists to prescribe oral contraceptives.  The bill moves to the Senate.

up Thumbs up to the MO Legislature for increasing funds in the state's 2017 budget for Parents as Teachers, child care subsidies to improve programs serving low-income children, trauma treatment for kids who are victims of abuse and new funds for state diaper banks.

upThumbs up to the St. Louis Public School system for banning out-of-school suspensions for students in prekindergarten through 2nd grade



The Latest

Gov. to Take Action on Planned Parenthood Funding  

Governor Nixon will respond in the next few days to the loss of $8.3 million in funds for Planned Parenthood.  Click here

Lock It For Love featured on KPLR Channel 11 Pulse of St. Louis 

President Lise Bernstein; Barbara Finch co-chair of Common-Sense Solutions Committee; and Bo Kennedy, pediatric emergency room physician discuss gun violence and children.  Watch here

Tell Congress: Ban Assault Weapons

Thoughts and prayers are not enough.  Click here to let Congress know it's time for real gun control.

New Rules on Payday Lending

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau has proposed a new rule to curb the excesses of payday and car title loans.   Though it has the potential to help those trapped in high interest loans by requiring lenders to establish the ability of the borrower to repay the loan, there are loopholes that must be closed. Click here

Judge Rules Against Tobacco Tax Proposal

An initiative proposing to raise Missouri's cigarette tax to benefit early childhood programs is in jeopardy of not making the November ballot after a judge ruled its financial estimate is insufficient and unfair.  Click here.

MO Ranks Second: Toddlers Shooting Themselves or Others

Learn about the toll of accidental shootings Read more.  Our Lock it for Love project gave 41 free gun locks at the O'Fallon Recreation Center health fair, May 14 Read about it  - click here





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July 16, 2016 – noon

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