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Health Care Bills Being Considered by Missouri Legislature 

March 13, 2018 –

The Missouri Legislature is considering a variety of health care bills:  HB 2718 would protect people from unfair surprise medical bills; HB 2612 would require insurance companies to keep provider directories accurate and accessible; several bills would allow new moms to keep their Medicaid coverage for longer than 60 days after they give birth.  To read about these bills and for  the position taken by our partner Missouri Health Care for All click here.

New Executive Orders on Health Care

On October 12, President Trump issued two new executive orders aimed at changing the rules for health insurance.

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Women’s Voices Writes Insurance Commissioner Regarding Rules for Rate Review

November 30, 2016

Dear Director Huff:

We are submitting comments on behalf of Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice, an education and advocacy organization in St. Louis.  We are pleased that Missouri will join other states with the enactment of a law that allows for formal review of annual price increases in health insurance policies premiums in line with the Affordable Care Act.  We have the following three concerns we feel should be addressed in the Rate Review Rule:

  1. Public input is vital to the process of rate review. Therefore, we are requesting that the Department hold hearings for rate increases which exceed 20% and allow for rate increases over 10%. Implementing a concrete threshold will add a level of confidence to the process for consumers and will trigger deeper review for significant increases.
  1. To facilitate and encourage public input, the rule should require the Department to make rate filings public, posting Parts I and II on the Department website.
  1. Notification of rates deemed “unreasonable” should be made public by posting on the Department website and carriers should be required to post all “unreasonable” determinations on their websites as well. Adding this requirement will provide a reliable protocol for public noti

Thank you for your consideration of these comments.

Alison Hile, Advocacy Committee Chair

Linda Zazove, Health Care Liaison

Rate Review Bill Signed Into Law

On July 5, 2016, Governor Nixon signed iSenate Bill 865 which gives authority to the Missouri Department of Insurance to review rates for health plans offered under the federal Affordable Care Act.  From an article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

Senate Bill 865 establishes the Missouri Health Insurance Rate Transparency Act which allows the Missouri Department of Insurance to review insurance rates filed by health insurance companies, and to determine if the rates are reasonable. The rates filed by the insurance companies will also be made available online, and open to public comment prior to the rates taking effect.

“Up until now, Missouri was the only state in the nation without the ability to review health insurance rates, ceding that responsibility to the federal government,” Gov. Nixon said. “Now, with this legislation, Missouri consumers will no longer be in the dark when shopping for health insurance plans.”


Raise in Asset Limits Passes Legislature – Signed into law

People with disabilities and older Missourians on Medicaid will be able to save more of their money without sacrificing needed health coverage. HB1565 passed the MO Senate on May 10, 2016, The bill, signed into law by Governor Nixon on June 9, 2016, raises the asset limits people can have and still qualify for Medicaid.  This is the first increase in 50 years.


 Stem Cell Research

In April 2006 Women’s Voices, along with the St. Louis Chapter of Hadassah, the Ethical Action Commitee of the St. Louis Ethical Society and Friends of the First Unitarian Church, sponsored a public seminar on stem cell research. In November, 2006, Missouri voters passed a ballot measure that ensures Missouri patients will have access to any therapies and cures that may result from stem cell research, and allows Missouri scientists to conduct any research permitted under federal law.

Women’s Voices supports the work of the Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures.

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