Preventing Gun Violence

Click to donate to the Preventing Gun Violence Fund  which supports our education and advocacy efforts, such as “Lock It for Love,” a community outreach program that provides free gun locks to parents and others who have children living or visiting in their homes.

Gun Lock


A $5 Gun Lock Can Save a Child’s Life!

At a forum on gun violence as a public health issue, September 10, 2015, a collection was taken and more than 300 dollars was collected for the Lock It For Love program.  In a thank you to Missouri Senator Jill Schupp and Missouri Representative Deb Lavender who sponsored the program, Barbara Finch, said, “A simple cable gun lock costs $5.  Members of Women’s Voices will purchase 60 locks with the money donated that evening.  Maybe, just maybe, one or more of those locks will do what it is supposed to do: save a life.”   Women’s Voices thanks all who contributed.

About Lock It For Love

Under the banner of “Campaign for Common-Sense Gun Solutions,Women’s Voices  launched a variety of educational efforts, beginning on Mother’s Day weekend May 2013.

“Of all the social justice issues we have in this country, the need for common-sense solutions to the problem of gun violence is probably the most pressing,” said Barbara Finch, chair of the campaign. “Most of us in Women’s Voices are mothers. This is an issue of safety and health. There is no way we can stand idly by and not try to make a safer, better world for our children.”