Reproductive Rights

Women’s Voices supports a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her reproductive health.

Rallies at Wagner, Blunt Offices

March 25, 12-1pm
Rep. Wagner’s Office: 301 Sovereign Ct, Ballwin

Congresswoman Ann Wagner wants to dictate what health care Missourians can receive and where we’re allowed to get it. So… is Rep Wagner offering to provide the thousands of high-quality, affordable cancer screenings, STD tests, and contraceptive appointments her constituents would lose if the West County PP can longer serve Medicaid patients?  We’re bringing the physical health center waiting room to her office in search of the medical professionals Rep. Wagner apparently believes will fill the enormous gap left if she blocks patients from Planned ParenthoodJoin us for this tounge-in-cheek direct action – which we look forward to reporting out widely as part of the national response. (If you have one, BYOC – Bring Your Own Chair. And wear pink!)

March 29, 12-1pm
7700 Bonhomme Ave, Clayton

Planned Parenthood advocates across the country are hosting “Pink Out” events so our voices resonate from coast to coast. We cannot let this moment pass by quietly.  Wear pink and bring a sign if you have one; we’ll also have some signs.

Events in Jefferson City

April 4– Coalition Women’s Equality Lobby Day. Join members of the MO Women’s Network for a coalition day of legislative briefing and citizen lobbying in Jefferson City, 9:30am-2pm. A bus from St. Louis will be available for a fee. To RSVP and get additional details, please email

April 26–Moral MO Rally at the MO Capitol. Planned Parenthood has joined forces with clergy, community orgs, immigrants rights orgs, labor, and other reproductive rights, health, & justice orgs to rally for a more Moral Missouri! Free 7:30am bus from the Brentwood Promenade. RSVP here:

May 4– Reproductive Rights Lobby Day. Join the Freedom of Choice Council and Planned Parenthood to stand up for reproducitve rights in MO. Your legislators need to hear from YOU! Free 7am bus from St. Louis. RSVP here:

Missouri Legislature Ready to Push Abortion Bills

March 13, 2017

Placing more restrictions and limiting access to abortion in Missouri remains a high priority for Republican leaders in the Missouri General Assembly. …Five bills regarding abortion access and regulations are ready for debate in the Missouri Senate, although they’re not expected to come up until after the annual legislative spring break, which begins March 17. While there aren’t any abortion bills ready for debate yet in the House, there’s been a recent spike in the number of bills filed and heard in committee.  Read about the bills here

Tell Senators: Don’t Defund Planned Parenthood

On March 6,  Republicans introduced a bill that would dismantle parts of the Affordable Care Act and defund Planned Parenthood through a legislative process called “reconciliation.” That means the bill can’t be filibustered and just needs a simple majority in the Senate to become law.

We need 51 senators to refuse to wage war on America’s women and defend the millions of people who depend on Planned Parenthood every year. We must speak out louder than ever before and demand that senators hold the line against this anti-woman attack.

When they try to defund Planned Parenthood,  extremists are putting the lives of millions of people, primarily low-income people of color, at risk. More than 2.5 million people rely on Planned Parenthood every year to access life-saving health care like cancer screenings, birth control, STD testing and treatment, and abortion. Most Planned Parenthood patients are low-income and for many, Planned Parenthood is the only health center that provides reproductive health services in their area.


Republican Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are so far declining to approve a bill with the Planned Parenthood provision in it.5 If there is enough grassroots’ support, more Republicans may join them.  Click here to sign the petition against defunding Planned Parenthood.

MO to Cut Funds to Organizations Providing Abortions 

Providing abortions will put hospitals on the list of providers that may lose a portion of their Medicaid funding for women’s health services, due to a budget amendment passed last year by the Missouri legislature. Read more.

MO Legislature Considers Bills to Further Restrict Access to Abortion

January 18, 2017–Heartened by the November election, Missouri’s abortion opponents are considering a raft of bills – some old, some new – to expand the state’s restrictions on abortion-related matters and their enforcement.  Read more

Planned Parenthood Asks Judge to Block Two Abortion Laws

Planned Parenthood officials in Missouri want a federal judge to block abortion regulations so four additional clinics can offer the procedure. Read more.

Planned Parenthood filing Federal Law Suit Challenging MO Abortion Restrictions

Mary Kogut, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri, said the restrictions “have created a situation where for 1.2 million women in Missouri who could be impacted with a pregnancy, where they might make a decision about an abortion, there is only one facility for them to go to.”    read more

Women’s Health Protection Act

August 31, 2016

The Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA), S 217/HR 448, would: invalidate regulations that single out abortion with medically unnecessary restrictions; those which intrude into a woman’s personal health care decisions; those which do not significantly advance women’s health or safety; and those which obstruct abortion access. This would ensure safe, legal abortion remains available no matter where a person lives, protecting every person’s right and ability to make their own faith-informed decisions about their body, health and future. To sign petition calling on Congress to pass the WHPA  click here.

HBO Film Focuses on Abortion Restrictions in MO

(CNN)Abortion: Stories Women Tell” is HBO’s latest advocacy-oriented documentary, chronicling the impact of Missouri abortion restrictions on those forced to cross the Illinois border to seek procedures. Spare and sober, it’s a solid look at how raw the issue remains, though given how entrenched opinions are, it’s unlikely to change many hearts or minds.

The film will air on HBO next year.  Click here for trailer.

 June 27 Supreme Court Rules on Abortion Case – protecting abortion access

Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice believes women must be respected as moral decision-makers, making choices based upon their own religious beliefs and traditions.  We are gratified by the Supreme Court decision allowing women to have access to abortion care.

From The New York Times:  The Supreme Court on Monday struck down parts of a restrictive Texas law that could have reduced the number of abortion clinics in the state to about 10 from what was once a high of roughly 40.

The 5-to-3 decision was the court’s most sweeping statement on abortion rights since Planned Parenthood v. Casey in 1992. It applied a skeptical and exacting version of that decision’s “undue burden” standard to find that the restrictions in Texas must fall.  read full article here

read “What’s Really at Stake in the Supreme Court’s Abortion Decision” here.

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You can also read here about Dr. Colleen McNicholas, who has admitting privileges only in St. Louis, which means if HB2 was upheld she would no longer be able to perform abortions anywhere outside St. Louis.   After the article was written, the Supreme Court struck down parts of the law that would have restricted the number of clinics in Texas.

Dr. McNicholas is seen here with her son at a celebration of the Supreme Court ruling which  will have implications for similar laws in Missouri and other states.

Women’s Voices Position: Reproductive Choice