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Member’s Letters Influence Editors to Write News Article

Susan Flanagan, board member of Women’s Voices and a resident of Jefferson County, has been writing letters to her local paper about the levels of sulfur dioxide in the air.  Her local Sierra Club writes that when talking to the editors of the Jefferson County Leader, they said the decision to run a large story about the plans of the Department of Natural Resources to reduce emissions was a direct result of Sue’s letters.

Sue is quoted in the article as saying she became aware of the problem by talking to a Sierra Club member and signing their “clean air” petition. “On a one to 10 scale, I’d say my level of concern is eight,” said Flanagan, 67, who has lived in the county for three years. “But, if I had any kind of lung disease, I’d rate it at 10.”

June 7, 2015 article can be seen Page 6 Jefferson County Leader Page 7 Jefferson County Leader


Women’s Voices members frequently have letters to the editor published in newspapers and online publications.  Please let us know if your letter is published.  Send us an e-mail to: info@womensvoicesraised.org 

Guidelines For Writing Letters To The Editor Via E-mail

  1. Keep letters short…usually between 200 and 250 words.
  2. Put “letter to the editor” in the subject line.
  3. Put your name, address, city and phone number at the end of the letter. Your address and phone number will not be printed, but the editor may use this information to verify your letter.
  4. If you choose to reference Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice, do it in the body of the letter, and not as a part of your signature.
E-mail Addresses For Letters To Missouri Newspapers
  1. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: letters@postdispatch.com
  2. Columbia Tribune: editor@columbiatribune.com
  3. Kansas City Star:  go here go here
  4. Springfield News-Leader: letters@news-leader.com
  5. Jefferson City News Tribune: editor@newstribune.com
  6. Jefferson County Leader:  go here
  7. St. Louis American:  go here
  8. Webster-Kirkwood Times and South County Times:  mailbag@timesnewspapers.com
  9. Times West End Word:  go here

To find other Missouri newspapers, go to USNPL Missouri (http://www.usnpl.com/monews.php) where you will be able to find information about each paper and, by clicking on each paper’s site, you can find out how to contact them.