Why Do We See a Redirection to a forbidden Website?

The HTTP 403 is also known as the forbidden response code meaning that access to the requested web resource is denied. Usually, the server has been expected to recognize the request, but just will not comply with it. If you are not familiar on how websites can respond when this kind of status code is received, this article will help you understand how servers treat these requests. If you are using a browser, you can just check for the internet cache and see whether or not your site was the response is allowed to go live or not.

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There are other reasons why your website can be denied a response code. First off, if you are using scripts or any external programs that is not allowed to run while on localhost, the HTTP 403 Forbidden message will be shown. The reason behind is because you are running something that is not allowed on the server you are on. To avoid this kind of situation, it is recommended that you configure the settings so that the programs and scripts cannot run. Also, you can change the homepage, cache and more.

If you still cannot determine what is the problem, you can check for other HTTP error codes. In most cases, if the content of the webpage was changed, the http status code will be different from the previous one. Another reason for the http 401 http 404 and other similar codes is the user of the browser. Different browsers support different protocols and if the browser does not support the particular protocol, then the browser considers the web resource not accessible. If you are unsure on how to fix a http 401, try to contact the developer of the program or web site and ask him to make the necessary changes.