2016 Activities

June 29, 2016

Luncheon and tour of the Center For Spirituality and Sustainability, SIUE campus

gMrkPRRJP52uFAQOO5YGFLWTgJUXo_lxW4HlRFlV_vUJudi and John Jennetten hosted a group of members of Women’s Voices at their house in Edwardsville, Illinois for conversation and lunch followed by a trip to the campus of Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville where we visited the Center for Spirituality and Sustainability, one of two geodesic domes designed by R. Buckminister Fuller.



mZ2RObvdKZfp4leDZub72QpXkWvwEgQKmt0bdhE2QqcOne of our Women’s Voices members, Betsy Slosar, is President of the Center’s board. She  welcomed our group and introduced artist Benjamin Lowder, who is the Creative Consultant at the Center.

Benjamin  told us about Fuller and his visionEzmBpqAOgqdQdhy1zRxjjFnNhovkuQ7MokejCok5josfor global unity and cooperation.   In 1943 Fuller created a Dymaxion Map, a flat two dimensional map of the surface of the earth that reveals the world without borders.   The spine of the map is the 90th meridian and it is this map that is superimposed on the triangles of the dome.  Serendipitously, when Fuller was contracted to design his center at SIUE in 1971 the location allowed the dome to straddle the meridian.     The dome is a true planetarium.  Any star seen from inside looking up at any continent or ocean is at that moment over those geographical points on earth itself.

Thanks to John Jennetten for this 8 minute video of Lowder’s presentation which we urge you to view!

Fuller’s desire to promote global cooperation led to his creation of the “World Game” which our member Beverly Rehfeld had an opportunity to play in the 1960s in a game led by Fuller himself.  In the game, designed to help create solutions to overpopulation and the uneven distribution of global resources, players were assigned a spot on the dymaxion map laid out on the floor of a large arena, and then given problems to solve cooperatively.

In fulfilling its purpose to be a center for non-denominational worship for the university, Lowder said that students of all faiths – Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Baha’i and Native American faith traditions – use the dome for meetings and services.     To learn more about the dome and the Center, click here.

Attending the event along with hosts Judi and John Jennetten:  Laura Ashley, Celia Bouchard, Becky Clausen, Mary Clemons, Carolyn Crowe, Cynthia Egyed, Angie Fink, Susan Flanagan, Helen Houlle, Beverly Rehfeld, Annie Russell,  Betsy Slosar, Deanna Stevenson, Mary Ann Tipton, Laura Rand Orthwein and her friend Matt.


June 26, 2016

Pride Parade

The Pride Parade was an opportunity to honor the 49 victims of the Orlando shooting.  A contingent of Women’s Voices members marched behind our banner and carried signs with quotes from famous people.

Thanks to Ann Ross for coordinating our participation in the parade for yet another year!  Kudos to Women’s Voices members and friends who braved the heat and humidity to march:  Marilyn Sue Warren, Andrea and Bob Bauman, Mary Schuman, Mary Ann Tipton, Dede Berg, Lise Bernstein, Joan McKerrow, Leslie Tolliver and Margo McNeil. 



Andrea Bauman holding one of the parade signs

Andrea Bauman holding one of the parade signs



Marilyn Sue Warren

Marilyn Sue Warren