Position Papers

Women’s Voices takes positions on a variety of social justice issues and on some Missouri ballot measures.  All of our positions as an organization are approved by a vote of our members.

Following are links to our position papers

Child Care/Early Childhood Education

Child Care-March 2012

Child Care Subsidies-February 2020

Early Childhood Education-February 2020

Economic Justice

Economic Justice-May 2018

Tobacco Tax-October 2016


Public Education K-12-September 2019

Post Secondary Education and Workforce Development-September 2019


Climate Change and Environmental Hazards-April 2019

Gun Violence

Gun Violence-November 2017

Health Care

Health Care-November 2017

Tobacco Tax-October 2016

Stem Cell Research-April 2006

Human Rights and Well-Being

  • LGBTQIA Rights

LGBTQ+ Rights-September 2019

  • Immigrant Rights

Immigration-August 2018

Justice System

Missouri Non-Partisan Court PlanNovember 2017

Clean Slate Initiative-September 2023

Racial Justice

Racial Justice-November 2017

Voting Rights

Voting Rights-November 2017

Women’s Rights/Well-Being

Women’s Safety and Well Being-May 2020

  • Reproductive Justice

Reproductive Justice-November 2017