Lock It for Love

Lock It for Love is a community outreach and education program whose purpose is:

  • To educate the community about gun safety, with a focus on prevention of death or injury caused by guns kept in homes.
  • To distribute free gun locks, particularly in areas where children are at greatest risk of gun violence

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Financial and Member Support Strengthens Lock It for Love

July 7, 2023

On June 1, the St. Louis Rotary Club awarded awarded Women’s Voices a generous grant at their annual luncheon at the Missouri Athletic Club. Funds were provided to support the Lock It for Love program. We are grateful for the work the St. Louis Rotary Club does within the greater Metro St. Louis area with grants to nonprofits. We extend a very special thanks to Ken Schuman for sponsoring our grant, and to Mary Schuman for her part in the process of receiving the grant. “Lock It for Love” will be able to provide free gun locks to our partners as well as at community events.

Harriet Kopolow, Sheila Eaton and Ruth Lee

“Lunch and Lock” on June 13th at Larson Park in Webster Groves gave several volunteers an opportunity to come together to bundle recently acquired gun locks to be distributed within our community. Around 1,000 locks were bundled! Thanks to all who participated.

As Children Die, Our Work is Needed

April 2, 2022

Three children died during the last two weeks in tragic incidents, highlighting the importance of safe firearm storage. The City of St. Louis has responded by featuring our Lock It for Love program as part of the solution to this problem of gun violence. The partnerships we have established during the past two years have made gun locks available at all St. Louis Fire Department stations, through the St. Louis Metropolitan Police, and at St. Louis Public Library branches. With these lock distribution sites in place, the city and media were able to immediately alert parents and other caregivers about where to obtain gun locks. You can read more about how the city highlighted Lock It for Love in their press release.

The Lock It for Love program is possible because of the commitment of many volunteers. We would like to acknowledge the efforts of those who contributed to the success of the program over the past two years, despite the challenges of COVID-19.

  • Lise Bernstein for work on grants, partner development and always having new ideas to support the committee’s work
  • Melissa Leech for overseeing community events in the uncertain time of COVID-19
  • Joanie Park for recruiting volunteers to work at community events during the pandemic
  • Mary Schuman for her years of work and reporting on the Violence Prevention Coalition
  • Barbara Harris for grant writing, especially the Cardinals Care grant
  • Andrea Bauman for working as the liaison with St. Louis Fire Department
  • Ginny Weil, Brigid McCauley and Deb Katz for amazing work on the outstanding December 2021 and 2022 Women’s Voices programs
  • Tonie Fitzgibbon and Cathy Gilbert for serving as co-chairs of the committee

Women’s Voices Announces new “Lock It for Love” Partners

At a press conference on April 13, 2021, Women’s Voices announced that free gun locks will now be available at all 30 St. Louis Fire Department firehouses. Four St. Louis County Library Branches now have free locks available as well. Learn more about our LIFL partners here.

Partners Help Us “Lock It for Love”

In the past year, Lock It for Love volunteers distributed over 1,000 gun locks at COVID-19 testing events and at St. Louis County Library food distribution events. The Campaign for Common Sense Gun Solutions Committee also formed partnerships with the Urban League Serving Our Streets program, the YWCA Head Start program, the East Side Health District, and four St. Louis City Public Library branches, and provided locks for their staff to distribute to clients.

Distributing gun locks and gun safety information to homes in our community is a key step to reduce unintentional shootings, especially those involving children, and to reduce suicide by gun.

Read more about our partner organizations here.

Lock It for Love is Right for the Region


Lock It for Love was honored to receive Focus St. Louis’s What’s Right with the Region Award in September. We were recognized for demonstrating innovative solutions to the challenges and issues facing our community. Receiving the award has energized us to continue to find new ways to provide locks to protect children from gun violence.

Lock It for Love During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ginny Weil distributing locks in the rain

Gun violence continues to accelerate in St. Louis. In May, Children’s Hospital saw more gunshot victims than in any previous month. Women’s Voices has identified opportunities to provide gun locks even when so many of the health and safety fairs we usually support have been canceled.

We attended COVID-19 mobile testing sites sponsored by Rep. Steven Roberts in June and July. People came to the table one at a time, wearing a mask, to pick up a lock.

We participated in the St. Louis County Library’s “Drive Thru Food Pick Up for Kids” events at four branches: Florissant Valley, Lewis and Clark, Natural Bridge, and Weber Road. On the four Mondays in July, we distributed 436 locks! Rain could not stop us!

We are pleased to announce that we have established a new partnership with East Side Health District – our first opportunity to distribute locks in the Metro East. This group serves new and expectant mothers. Now the agency will be able to provide gun safety information and gun locks to these clients. We began by providing 100 locks and expect to provide more as needed.

Lise Bernstein and Kent Steinbrueck, president of the St. Louis Rotary Club

July also brought a $4,350 grant from St. Louis Rotary Club, to be presented on August 13. Former Women’s Voices president Lise Bernstein was a guest at the downtown Rotary club where she talked about the program and the importance of gun locks.

Lock It for Love “What’s Right with the Region” Award

February 21, 2020

Lock It for Love has been selected by Focus St. Louis for a What’s Right with the Region award for “Demonstrating Innovative Solutions.” The award ceremony will be held online on Thursday, September 3, 2020. Read more here.

From the Women’s Voices application:

“Lock It for Love” is the only volunteer-based program in the St. Louis area providing gun safety education and free gun locks.

In 2015, Missouri ranked second nationally for unintentional shootings of and by children. Since 2013, the two children’s hospitals in St. Louis have treated more than 600 children for gun injuries; nearly 79 percent were African American. St. Louis Children’s Hospital treats more children for gunshot injuries than any other children’s hospital in the country.

Unintentional shootings are entirely preventable when guns are locked, unloaded and ammunition is stored separately. The primary objective of “Lock It for Love” is to educate parents and other caregivers about how to keep their children safe from unintentional shootings and suicides when children and teens gain access to unlocked and loaded guns, primarily in homes. We provide free gun locks so that adults readily have the means to properly store firearms (the cable gun locks we provide can only be used when bullets are removed).

Women’s Voices volunteers attend community events such as health fairs, focusing on the 17 zip codes in the St. Louis area where children are at greatest risk of gun violence. We teach adults and children about gun safety and demonstrate how to use a gun lock. When people indicate they plan to purchase a gun for protection from intruders, we inform them that having a gun in the home significantly raises the risk of someone being injured or killed in an accidental shooting, by suicide or in a domestic violence situation.

We talk with children about what to do if they find a gun in their home or elsewhere, emphasizing they should never touch a gun. In order to effectively engage parents in conversation about gun safety, we use a non-judgmental approach. We ask “Do you need a gun lock?” rather than “Do you have a gun?” We talk to parents about their specific situations, concerns and questions. Our dialogue is focused on child safety.

Since 2015, we have distributed 5,333 free gun locks at 190 events, mostly in zip codes where children are at highest risk of gun violence. We’ve had conversations about child safety with thousands of parents and other family members; our 25 trained volunteers provide written materials about gun safety and a link to our website that has a video demonstrating proper use of locks.

Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

January 21, 2020

Harriet Kopolow, committee co-chair with Andrea Bauman (left), presents flowers to Joanie Park (center) and Linda Wallace Jones (right) who help coordinate volunteers for Lock It for Love events.

Lise Bernstein, WV board member, presents flowers to committee co-chairs Harriet Kopolow (left) and Andrea Bauman (right).

The Campaign for Common Sense Gun Solutions had a luncheon on January 21, 2020 to thank committee members for their volunteer service of 346 hours over the last year! Volunteers distributed over 1,400 free gun locks at 55 community events in 2019.

Report on the Work of Lock It for Love Volunteers 

September 11, 2019
Linda Wallace Jones – Volunteer Liaison

THANK YOU for all of the hours contributed to Lock It for Love this year!  By the end of the current “season”, volunteers will have worked at least 274.5 hours at LIFL events!! That does not include time spent driving to distant locations, picking up and dropping off materials, going to meetings, or working on behalf of Common-Sense Gun Solutions. What a dedicated group of volunteers!
It is important not to evaluate the influence volunteers have made only by the number of gun locks distributed, but also by the large number of conversations initiated regarding this issue. At many of the community events, volunteers talked with people who have already lost a loved one, or who feared the impact of firearms in their neighborhoods. The people we spoke with really seem to appreciate the fact that Women’s Voices is also concerned and is actively working to prevent further loss of life.
As we hope for substantive changes in our national gun laws, Women’s Voices will continue to make an effort to touch individual lives, one by one, by distributing free gun locks which will help prevent needless tragedies, especially in homes with children.
Special thanks to our excellent Common-Sense Gun Solutions Campaign Committee co-chairs, Andrea Bauman and Harriett Kopolow, to Melissa Leech for planning our events, to Joanie Park for scheduling the events, and to Women’s Voices Administrative Manager Laura Rose for the numerous ways she helps and supports the Lock It for Love program. And a special thanks to all of who have worked more than 274.5 hours for Lock It For Love!

May 13, 2019  The New York Times

How guns are stored matters. A study published Monday in JAMA Pediatrics has found that even a modest increase in owners who lock up their guns would pay off in an outsize drop in gun deaths….Last year, a study based on a national survey in 2015 found that about one in three of all households in the United States owned at least one gun. Of those households with both guns and children at home, more than 20 percent reported storing them both loaded and unlocked — the least-safe way. An additional 50 percent stored them either loaded or unlocked….In 2017, the Government Accountability Office reviewed 16 public or nonprofit programs that aimed to improve the storage of guns. It also reviewed studies of these programs. It found that distributing locks led to more safely stored guns. Few of these evaluations were rigorous, however. (Gun research, as with most things related to guns, is a politically divisive issue, and for many years research funding has been very low relative to other major causes of death.)

Read full article here

Common-Sense Gun Solutions Appreciation Luncheon

January 22, 2019

The Common-Sense Gun Solutions had a luncheon prior to their January 22, 2109 meeting to thank the 55 committee members for their successes in 2018.

Co-chair Mary Schuman presents flowers to Joan Park, Harriet Kopolow and Andrea Bauman. Joan recruits the volunteers for our Lock It For Love Events; Harriet is our community Liaison; Andrea is our go-to person to meet with media and talk about gun safety.

Ruth Eheresman, co-president of Women’s Voices saw that the co-chairs of the Common-Sense Gun Solutions Committee were not overlooked. Seen here is Ruth presenting flowers to Barbara Harris who is looking at her co-chair Mary Schuman while Lise Bernstein looks on.

At the meeting following the luncheon, we were told that volunteers attended 55 events and distributed 1,321 gun locks at fairs, back-to-school and other events in the St. Louis area. In addition, 650 locks were given away by our Cape Girardeau representative Barbara Phillips. We were updated on the partnerships we have forged with Stop The Bleed, the C.A.L.M Suicide Prevention Project at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and on our cooperation with Moms Demand Action SMART program. We celebrated the success of our December education program Students Against Gun Violence and look forward to the possibility of working with the youth in 2019.


Gun Locks Can Help Prevent Suicide 

Dr. Kristen Mueller, a Washington University Emergency Medicine physician (and a member of Women’s Voices), treats gun violence as a public health issue. As coordinator of the C.A.L.M. program in the Barnes-Jewish Hospital Emergency Department, Dr. Mueller and her colleagues talk with patients who are at risk for suicide about prevention strategies. They help patients who have access to guns develop a plan for safe storage, including using gun locks. So far, the Emergency Department staff has provided patients with 24 gun locks.

Information about the C.A.L.M. program was shared at a Firearm Injury Prevention Symposium on August 7, sponsored by Washington University, the Institute of Public Health and the Barnes-Jewish Hospital Division of Emergency Medicine. Women’s Voices members attending were Andrea Bauman, Lise Bernstein, Barbara Harris and Mary Schuman.

Women’s Voices provides free gun locks to the Emergency Departments at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and St. Louis Children’s Hospital as part of our “Lock It for Love” community education project.

Did you know?

  • Missouri suicide rate ranks 13th in the nation.
  • Only about half of emergency room doctors in the US ask patients at risk for suicide if they have access to guns in the home.
  • More than half of people who die by suicide in Missouri use a gun
  • In Missouri, white males over age 55 are at the highest risk of suicide
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death in college aged youth and those 12-18 years old



118 Gun Locks Given at Back To School Store

July 29, 2018

While an estimated 1,400 children chose school supplies and clothing at the St. Louis National Council of Jewish Women Back to School Store, the parents/caregivers waited in the resource room where Women’s Voices had a display table for #lockitforlove. By the end of the day 118 gun locks had been given away thanks to volunteers Andrea Bauman, Judy Burke, Mary Clemons, John and Judi Jennetten, Abbey Northcutt, Nancy Price and Helena Webb.

In addition to giving locks, we provide information. Candice said her family wants her to get a gun. She keeps saying, NO. We showed her our brochure with information she can give her family showing why having a gun in the home does not make it safer.

Wanda talked with Judy Burke and decided she needs a gun lock. After Judy showed her how to put the lock on the gun she thanks Judy and took the lock.

click on photos to enlarge.






It Would Have Slowed Her Down!

On July 10, 2018, Brenda Phillips was staffing a Lock It for Love table at the WIC Clinic, in Kennett, MO. A young woman approached and said, “I wish my sister had known about these locks. It would have slowed her down.” She went on to explain that her twin sister, Dalyn Callihan, had died by suicide with a gun on April 24, 2018, her 25th birthday. Click here to read more.

Lock It for Love Celebrates its One-Year Anniversary in Kansas City

Since their first event July 29, 2017, Grandparents Against Gun Violence volunteers have participated in 41 events and distributed 837 free gun locks to recipients from 167 zip codes in the Kansas City metro area! They have attended safety fairs, festivals, and Boys & Girls Club parent meetings. They are joined at their events by local police officers who demonstrate how to properly use the locks. They have received support from Kansas City Missouri, Kansas City Kansas, Independence, Overland Park and Gardner police departments.

Congratulations, Grandparents! We are proud that Lock It for Love is a state-wide initiative.


Barbara Finch Receives Jeff-Vander-Lou Community Award of Social Justice and Equality

July 7, 2018

Women’s Voices member Barbara Finch received the Jeff-Vander-Lou Community Award of Social Justice and Equality on July 7 at the Jeff-Vander-Lou Family and Community Resources and Health Fair. In presenting the award, Pastor Fredrick Lemons of St. John Missionary Baptist Church said the Women’s Voices Lock It for Love Program that Barbara organized has given free gun locks to more than 3,000 families to prevent accidental gun injuries and deaths






“Our Woman In Cape Girardeau”

During the month of June, Brenda Phillips attended 8 events and gave away 141 gun locks. She has been to a resource fair in Bollinger County; Women Infant Children (WIC) clinics in Kennett, Ste. Genevieve, Charleston, Malden and Poplar Bluff; a large fair in Lilbourn; and a “fatherhood” event in Hayti.  She is a real go-getter who is committed to “Lock It for Love”.

So far this year, Brenda has distributed 432 gun locks.

She is seen here at the Resource Fair in Bollinger County. Click on the photo to enlarge.


Lock it For Love Receives Grant from Cardinals Care

May 18, 2018

On a very rainy day Ruth Ehresman, co-president of Women’s Voices, and Mary Schuman, co-chair of the Women’s Voices Campaign for Common-sense Gun Solutions Committee, went to Busch Stadium to accept a check in the amount of $1,840 from Cardinals Care. The grant is for the purpose of purchasing gun locks for our “lock It for Love” program. Cardinal announcer Dan McLaughlin was the MC, and player Greg Garcia and owner Bill DeWitt III spoke at the event.

Seen in the photo are Ruth and her grandchildren while they listen to Greg Garcia talk about Cardinals Care. Cardinals Care was established to give fans a way of teaming up with Cardinals players and the organization to help children in the St. Louis community.





173 Gun Locks Given at Lock It for Love Event at City Hall

Friday, April 27, Women’s Voices held a gun lock give-away at St. Louis City Hall. Sponsors of the event included the City of St. Louis; the Department of Health, City of St. Louis; SSM-Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital and SSM-Health St. Louis University Hospitals. Seen here are the stalwart members of our Lock It for Love group who talked with people who came to the display table: back row – Sue Flanagan, Michelle Leech, Joan Park, Andrea Bauman, Barbara Harris; seated – Mary Clemons, Joanne Kelly and Barbara Finch.

We were pleased to have Captain Janice Bockstruck stop by in the afternoon and talk with people who came for gun locks. She is seen here demonstrating how to use the lock. Capt. Bockstruck worked with us 3 years ago when we began the Lock It for Love initiative. We demonstrate how to install the lock when people come by our display, but we also give them the link to a video they can watch at home that features Capt. Bockstruck. See video here

People thanked us for our presence at City Hall. Jerry Gill made a special point to come and get a gun lock. He told us that his friend is the mother of a child recently killed in an unintentional shooting by a sibling. He talked to a Channel 4 KMOV-TV reporter as he left, saying, “Everyone who owns a gun should have a lock.” 





First 3 Months of 2018!

We have started out the year by attending events at health fairs and food pantries in the St. Louis area. Our volunteers at the Trinity Food Pantry in the Central West End offered free gun locks to individuals who came to the pantry and engaged people in conversations about gun safety. They reported that Trinity has an impressive and welcoming program where a communal meal is served, people linger for conversation and get lots of hugs and expressions of concern. The faith community nurse provides private health consultations. At the Home Health and Energy Resource Fair in St. Ann sponsored by the Community Action Agency of St. Louis County we had a busy time and there were a lot of organizations that participated and many residents who stopped by the Lock It for Love display table. So far this year 70 locks have been given in the St. Louis area.

Our Cape Girardeau contingent has been busy too! 64 locks have been given to people at public health and children’s health clinics.

Thanks to our volunteers.

Amy & Paul Inman


How Will We Pay for Gun Locks?

The Lock It for Love Committee has a goal of distributing 1,800 locks during 2018. “Lock It for Love” is funded by grants and contributions from individuals. When Women’s Voices member Amy Inman saw the horrifying images of the February 14 Parkland, Florida high school shooting, she had to do something. “It was heartbreaking and I felt compelled to act,” Amy said. She and her husband Paul gave a gift of $5,000 to help fund our program. This generous gift will provide for the purchase of 962 cable gun locks.


Our Woman in Cape Girardeau!

March 14, 2018

Brenda Phillips, our partner from the Episcopal Diocese, is a “lock It for Love” dynamo. Brenda is working with public health agencies in Missouri and with organizations such as WIC (Women, Infant and Children nutrition program). This photo was taken when she had a display at a WIC clinic in Butler County. So far this year Brenda has distributed 84 free gun locks.




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