Capacity Building Fund

Women’s Voices has experienced significant growth since our founding in 2005:

• We have 450 dues-paying members and 700 subscribers to our e-mail list.
• The scope of our education and advocacy mission has evolved to include a variety of social justice issues affecting women and families.
• We work consistently as a collaborative partner with many social justice and women’s organizations.
• In 2015 we established our first direct-service project focusing on gun violence as a public health issue; Lock it for Love is a gun safety education that has provided 1,500 free gun locks to families in the St. Louis area.

Our growth has led to an important juncture. In order to sustain our work and continue to fulfill our mission, we will be adding infrastructure and support services, such as staff to assist our volunteers. Our goal is to raise $50,000 in 2017.

Your contribution of any amount is greatly appreciated.

Read the inspiring message of one of Women’s Voices’ founders, Barbara Finch.