Justice Brett Kavanaugh: Problems and Perspectives

October 11, 2018

Members of Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice are concerned about the process and the impact of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the United States Supreme Court. We are particularly concerned about issues such women’s reproductive health, sensible solutions to the problems of gun violence, immigration, voting rights, and rights for our LGBTQ friends and neighbors. However, our greater concern is that the confirmation process was rushed toward completion without allowing for full review of Justice Kavanaugh’s documents, as well as a full investigation of allegations of sexual misconduct and other inappropriate behavior. While we do not know the content of the FBI report, we do know that many apparently key witnesses were not interviewed. The importance of appointing a Supreme Court Justice for life deserves a better and more thorough process. Furthermore, the process did not honor the seriousness of allegations brought forth by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and others. Justice Kavanaugh’s partisan, angry outbursts were also deeply troubling. His intemperate display did not reveal a demeanor worthy of a Supreme Court justice. This confirmation process and its conclusion was the antithesis of our value of informed, respectful consideration of issues and dialogue, and may leave a blemish on our democracy for decades to come.