Position – Reproductive Choice

Reproductive Choice

February 2006

We believe the debate surrounding reproductive choice speaks to one of the basic foundations upon which our country was established: the freedom of religion. Therefore, we believe that:

  • Women must be respected as moral decision-makers, making choices based upon their own religious beliefs and traditions as well as their consciences.
  • Religious matters are best left to religious communities, and not to politicians.
  • Governing bodies should not pass any laws that elevate one religious community’s moral reasoning over another’s.

We believe the best way to prevent abortion is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Therefore, we believe that:

  • Funding for State Family Planning programs should be reinstated and increased.
  • Pharmacists should be required to dispense emergency contraceptives to women who have a doctor’s prescription. If a pharmacist is unwilling or unable to do this, referral to a cooperative pharmacy must be made immediately. Ideally, emergency contraceptives should be available over-the-counter.
  • Sex education, which includes information about contraception as well as abstinence-only education, should be a mandatory course in all high schools.

We believe women deserve dignity and respect for the choices they make concerning their reproductive health. Therefore, we believe that:

  • The decision to terminate a pregnancy should be left to a woman and her physician.
  • Clergy, therapists and others who counsel women must be free from harassment, intimidation, and possible legal action.

We believe that abortion must remain a safe and legal option for women in this country, because we know that if it does not, women will seek and obtain unsafe and illegal abortions and unwanted children will be born into disastrous situations.