Preventing Gun Violence

A Child is Shot.  He was 10 Years Old  

A $5 Gun Lock Could Have Saved His Life

Excerpt from commentary by Barbara Finch, published August 3, 2017, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

As this was being written last month, we didn’t know much about Anthony Turner. He lived in a public housing complex just south of downtown. He was inside the housing complex Sunday afternoon, July 23. That’s when, and where, he was shot in the head.  He was 10 years old.

Does it really matter if this shooting was accidental, or deliberate? Does it matter if he, or a sibling, or a friend, was playing with a loaded, unlocked gun? Does it matter if he was caught in the cross-fire of some adult argument, or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time?

At this point, the only thing that matters is that he is dead. He was shot in the head. And he was 10 years old.

In a city where gun violence is becoming numbingly normal, this death probably won’t make much difference to most people. It garnered a few paragraphs in this newspaper, where reporters also described other incidents of gun violence in the housing complex where the boy lived. It may have been mentioned on television, where crime and violence often lead the news. Our media are saturated with stories of gun violence. Everyone agrees that “something should be done.” But as we discuss and debate and fume and fret, another child is dead. He was 10 years.  Read more.

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About Lock It For Love

Under the banner of “Campaign for Common-Sense Gun Solutions,Women’s Voices  launched a variety of educational efforts, beginning on Mother’s Day weekend May 2013.

“Of all the social justice issues we have in this country, the need for common-sense solutions to the problem of gun violence is probably the most pressing,” said Barbara Finch, chair of the campaign. “Most of us in Women’s Voices are mothers. This is an issue of safety and health. There is no way we can stand idly by and not try to make a safer, better world for our children.”