Pride Fest 2015

PrideFest   June 28, 2015

How often can you walk down the street and have people cheer for you, give you high fives and thumbs up?   Well, at least once a year if you walk with the Women’s Voices contingent in the Pride Parade.   Member Priscilla Westbrooks who walked with us for the first time said, “I loved it!  I couldn’t  believe that people hooted and hollered the whole length of the parade.!”

The weather was wonderful and the crowd jubilant.  Thanks to Ann Ross for coordinating the event and for those who participated with us.  Thanks also to John Jennetten for the photos and video.


Prior to parade – holding banner so our participants could find us —  parade signs on ground

Kathy Straatmann and Priscilla Westbrooks – both first timers at the parade with Women’s Voices –  Priscilla wore a rainbow tutu!