Protect Our Democracy

July 18, 2018

Women’s Voices is an organization that addresses social justice issues.  One of those issues is voting rights.  We believe that “the universal right to vote is essential in a system of representative government.” We believe all elected officials, regardless of their party, should protect our precious right to free, fair, and honest elections. The confidence in our ability to elect officials who will support this right underpins American democracy. Recent events show that the integrity of our elections is in jeopardy as never before in our history from multiple threats: cyber attack, gerrymandering, voter I.D. laws, and laws that limit the number of voting sites and voting days and hours. We urge our members to speak out strongly against these threats.

Women’s Voices members Trish Gunby and Michelle Steinberg represent us at the Missouri Voter Protection Coalition. We urge you to also get involved with voting rights.    Consider helping with voter registration, take action with Let America Vote, follow the St. Louis Chapter of the League of Women Voters.  And save the date, September 13 when Nancy Miller from the League will be the presenter at our program, “Here Comes The Vote:  Ballot Ballyhoo and Redistricting Ramifications.