Overcoming Obstacles to Create Community” is an initiative of the Women’s Voices’ Racial Justice Committee. Each month, we’ll provide timely, concrete ideas and suggestions you can include in your daily lives. 

October – Stay Engaged

We need to realize that fighting racism, hatred, fear and intolerance is not easy or quick. It has taken our country 400 years to reach the place where we are today. It will take many people working many years to take the steps necessary for us to change our society. And we can’t do this alone. Here are some things to do and some things to think about this month:

  • Honor history and mark anniversaries. Black History Month is celebrated every February. Juneteenth is June 19; learn about the history of this holiday. Learn about why the 4th of July is problematic for some Black families.
  • Break bread with others outside your circle of friends. Share a meal with people of different racial and cultural backgrounds. The In Purpose Educational Group has a program called “Come to the Table,” where you can meet interesting people and share interesting foods together.
  • Begin a community conversation on race. Discussion groups, book clubs, chat rooms, and library gatherings can bring people together.
  • Join or start a Bridges group. Racially diverse Bridge groups consist of 8 to 15 individuals who meet four to six times a year in a variety of settings chosen by group members. Conversations center on racial or cultural issues and current events. For more information, call 314-622-1250 or visit the FOCUS St. Louis website.
  • If you run out of ideas, Google “things to do to combat racism.” You will find enough choices and suggestions to keep you energized and engaged for many months.