Liz Sondhaus, PhD

Past President

Liz returned to St. Louis in 2017 after twenty years in San Diego. While there, she held positions in both corporate and nonprofit settings including director of Corporate Learning and Performance at San Diego State University, training director at California Training Cooperative, VP of Talent Acquisition and Development at VeriCare and adjunct professor at University of California San Diego. Liz received a Masters in Organizational Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis. Liz retired in 2021 and decided to study history. She completed a Masters of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies, field: History from Harvard in May, 2023. Liz has been active in WV since 2018, serving as board secretary and president as well as co-chair of the Racial Justice Committee (current) and Attainable Housing Task Force (previously).