Stolen Childhood

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stolen Childhoods: The Emotional Toll of Gun Violence

Speakers: Valerie Carter-Thomas, principal, Northwest Academy of Law
Duru L Sakhrani, MD, Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist, Mercy Hospital

A teacher who works in an inner-city school has said: “Most middle-class Americans have no idea about the trauma these kids experience living in their neighborhoods.” This program will help educate us about what violence, especially gun violence, is doing to children who don’t feel safe. The goal will be to give us a better understanding of these children, so that we may develop some empathy and work to eliminate the criminalization of black youth.

This program is a follow-up to the Women’s Voices “Safe and Sound: Smart Strategies to Protect Children from Gun Violence” forum held in April, 2014, and is coordinated by members of the Campaign for Common-Sense Gun Solutions committee