Overcoming Obstacles to Create Community” is an initiative of the Women’s Voices’ Racial Justice Committee. Each month, we’ll provide timely, concrete ideas and suggestions you can include in your daily lives. 

February – Act! Do Something! 

You can support victimized communities.

  • Attend the screening of Whose Streets? at Eliot Chapel at 7:00 pm, Fri., Feb. 23, 2018.
  • Make plans to go to Memphis with Women’s Voices to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Assassination.
  • Purchase items from a Black owned business. Know that there are many fine African American professionals in St. Louis…..physicians, dentists, health care professionals and attorneys.
  • Treat yourself to a lunch or dinner at one of the many black-owned restaurants in the St. Louis area. Do a Google or Yelp search and you’re sure to find many excellent restaurants.
  • Attend and enjoy a play at the Black Rep…or buy season tickets!
  • Black history month begins Friday, February 1, 2018. Attend and enjoy “Lift Every Voice,” the Black history month celebration of the St. Louis Symphony IN UNISON Chorus, Feb. 23 at Powell Hall. For tickets, call 314-434-1700 or visit www.slso.org.
  • Plan now to participate in Martin Luther King Jr. Day every January each year. These events occur throughout the city and include the annual Freedom March.
  • Sign a petition. Attend a vigil. Show up!
  • Be a volunteer. One suggestion….volunteer for Beyond Housing. This comprehensive community development organization helps struggling communities become better places to live. Another opportunity to volunteer and make a difference is with A Red Circle, a new non-profit organization in North County whose mission statement is the holistic betterment of our community; reversing the effects of racism one person and cause at a time.
  • Attend the Feb 11, 2018 screening of The Pruitt Igoe Myth at the Kirkwood Public Library at 2:00 pm.