Overcoming Obstacles to Create Community” is an initiative of the Women’s Voices’ Racial Justice Committee. Each month, we’ll provide timely, concrete ideas and suggestions you can include in your daily lives. 

March – Dig Deeper…It Begins with Me

Human rights experts recommend starting with the language we use and the assumptions we make about others. Here are some questions you might ask yourself:


  • How wide is my circle of friends? How diverse are the people who visit my home?
  • How integrated is my neighborhood? My child’s school? My workplace?
  • Do I have the courage to ask a friend not to tell racist joke?
  • Do I take economic and racial segregation and systemic racism for granted?
  • Do I look with distain at the homeless or families on welfare or do I try and understand the socioeconomic forces that prevent many from climbing out of poverty?
  • Do I take time to listen and learn from other people’s experiences…especially people with whom I might initially disagree?
  • Do I dare to cross the Delmar divide to attend church or other activities?