“Overcoming Obstacles to Create Community” is an initiative of the Women’s Voices’ Racial Justice Committee. Each month, we’ll provide timely, concrete ideas and suggestions you can include in your daily lives. 

July – Pressure Leaders

  • Demand a prompt, serious police response to hate crimes.
  • Demand a strong, public statement by political leaders. Silence can be interpreted as the acceptance of hate.
  • Encourage leaders to name the problem. Encourage them to call incidents fueled by hate or bias what they are…hate crimes. This validates the victims and assures that hate crimes statistics are accurate.
  • Attend a town hall meeting with your elected representative, a city council meeting and/or a school board meeting.
  • Elicit support from your elected representatives by writing them and encouraging others to do so. Host a postcard party at your home.
  • Put the phone numbers of your state representative/senator and your U.S. House representative/Senator in your contact list on your cell phone. One click will enable frequent calling.